Herbal massage (Nuad Plakob):

After a traditional Thai massage or oil massage lasting an hour (choice), herbal massage, you first will amaze with an explosion of fragrant scents from plants vapors. Then the application on the body, tapping, using a fine cotton bale, containing a mixture of herbs and aromatic plants steamed, give you intense physical sensations. Under the effect of steam, this fabric bundle allows plants selected for their therapeutic properties (bergamot, turmeric, acacia, lemon grass, ginger, camphor, eucalyptus, rice, etc.) to release their active ingredients along the meridians.
Absorbed through the skin during application, the plants quickly act on muscle tension and soreness. The skin is thereby also revitalized and purified. With the blessings of nature, herbal massage makes you feel an immense sense of well-being. A moment of pure happiness.

SOLO : herbal thai massage 1h30>160€ • herbal oil massage 1h30>170€
DUO : herbal thai massage 1h30>270€ • herbal oil massage 1h30>290€