Aromatic oil massage (Nuad Nam Mal) :

Originally from India, massage with warm oil practiced with aromatic oil heated and maintained at temperature for the duration of the massage. Besides the pleasant warm sensation running through your body for the discharge of oil, this technique provides a great pleasure caused by heating oils and exhale all their fragrance. Directed to the skin, it alternates fluid movements and deep pressure, tapping and friction on the most tense muscle areas. By its action on the points and energy lines, it releases tension and muscle stiffness, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and can find a deep and intense inner harmony. In addition, it contributes to relieve of tiredness and the daily stress, to soften and soften the skin, to release the articulations and to rebalance energy circulation.

The unique blend of aromatic oil and scents benefits ensures total well-being. This soothing massage creates a deep relaxation of the body and a feeling of relaxation that make it a rare moment. After your session, you can take a shower or leave the oil penetrate your skin and accentuate its beneficial effects.

SOLO : 0h30>50€ • 1h00>90€ • 1h30>120€ • 2h00>150€
DUO : 0h30>100€ • 1h00>170€ • 1h30>230€ • 2h00>290€