Foot massage (Nuad Thao):

Finding its origins in an ancient Chinese massage dating back over 3,000 years, foot massage is based on the principle that the foot, divided in reflex zones, is the miniaturized representation of the human body. Each reaction zone is a part of the body. The art of reflexology is to stimulate these areas to address the painful body regions or unbalanced and thus restore their natural functions.
This massage is done with a mixture of oil and cream consisting of menthol and camphor with the hands, fingers and a wooden stick. Thais attribute him as virtues prevent and relieve many ailments such as headaches, tension, digestive disorders, sinusitis, asthma ... They also use it to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, drain toxins, relieve tired legs regulate secretion hormonal and strengthen the immune system. There are no cons-indication. Perfect for pregnant women.

SOLO : 0h30>40€ • 1h00>70€ • 1h30>110€
DUO : 0h30>80€ • 1h00>130€ • 1h30>190€